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{Digital Diary}
A monthly review of various aspects of the digital revolution that is changing the face of photography. This Issue: Digital Cameras and Battery Power; Digital vs Traditional Photography by Bernhard J Suess.
{Product Reviews}
New stuff you can buy and use today. We seek reader feedback via e-mail. This Issue: Nikon D-1 Digital Camera and Digital Camera Buying Guide.
{Photo Facets}
Exploring some of the many ways photography can be used in professional, social and personal work. New! Our new series, Book Report, spotlighting magazines of interest to photographers. New! Our new series, Book Report, spotlighting magazines of interest to photographers. This month: Wildlife Conservation Magazine; Facets: Landscape Photography; Facets: Scientific Photography and much more
{Professional Backgrounders}
You're new to photography but you're serious. In each Backgrounder series, we cover the basics of what pros need to know about the tools we use to capture the world around us. This Issue: The Photographic Lens - Part 1.
{Photo Tips}
Ideas you may want to try. This Issue: Our series Getting Physical features Part One of Eye-ing the Problem, plus tips on Saturating Color.
{Photographic Traveller}
Places you and your camera might want to visit. This Issue: St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, Part Two.
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